About us


Chateau, serving the Forest Hills paper writing services for https://writemypaperz.com community for over 50 years, was established by Dave and Mina Salvit. The store is known for its fine jewelry, high quality diamonds and gems, luxury watches, its jewelers’ expertise and their careful attention to detail. Recently, Chateau has been specializing in engagement rings, wedding bands, and creating custom one-of-a-kind pieces for its customers. Chateau’s slogan, “Where jewelry is… made with love to give with love” speaks a lot about its company. The staff treats their customers like family, and every piece of jewelry that is designed is created with love. Chateau’s staff is dedicated to its customers’ needs– they want each and every one of those special moments to be perfect.

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Meet our Staff

Gary Salvit

From a young age, Gary always had a love for mathematics and architecture. It wasn’t until he completed his PHD coursework in Mathematical Economics that he realized his true wish: to become an architect. It was at that point when Gary recognized that he could channel his strengths and talents into helping make his parents’ legacy, Chateau Jewelers, more unique. That was the moment Gary decided to become a “Jewelry Architect,” and shape Chateau Jewelers into what it is today.

Since then, his passion and creativity have led him to create one-of-a-kind pieces and custom lines of jewelry, exclusively at Chateau. Whether buying, producing, or remodeling jewelry, Gary uses his meticulousness

scan it now and keen eye for detail to ensure that every item is of the highest standards. Gary is dedicated to his customers and keeps in line with their needs, always striving for his customers to be completely satisfied.

Come introduce yourself to Gary, and let him introduce you to the jewelry you’ve been dreaming about!